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ClientREACH™ is original, powerful consumer-directed content that adds depth and professionalism to your website. Studies show that customers keep coming back to a site that has compelling information aimed at better understanding the buying or selling process. Consumers want more than just hype; they want in-depth information that helps them through the process.


ClientREACH™ gives your site this added power - with fresh new content every week. It also makes you the expert and differentiates your site from the competition. It creates a powerful bond between you and your customers that adds real value to your site. You can promote it through your print materials to create added interest in your site.

User friendly

ClientREACH™ is easy, too. Just sign up online and we'll email you everything you need to get started. Just install a simple button on your site, make your choice of background designs - and we do all the rest.

Fresh every week

ClientREACH™ provides lots of content, too. You'll have an article aimed at buyers and an article aimed at sellers every single week for a whole year. That's 104 columns every year! Your clients will associate you with the outstanding professional advice that they get.

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Low cost

One nominal annual fee - less than an ad in the newspaper - and you'll receive 52 weeks of ClientREACH™ automatically. Once the initial link is installed, there's nothing more for you to do but reap the benefits of these powerful, consumer-oriented columns. While the content appears to be a part of your site, we do all the writing and hosting.

Super-premium editorial quality

ClientREACH™ is backed by RealEstateProfiles.com™ , the industry's most respected web magazine for professional development. This is your assurance of top quality, professionally written editorial content.

Introductory Price: $249 for one year, 52 weeks, 104 columns

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